Your First Visit 



On your first treatment at Body Mechanik you can expect to review a consent form as well as a full health history which you will have previously filled out. Completing this form prior to your initial consultation and first treatment will allow more time to discuss your health status and develop an appropriate treatment plan that best suits your needs. It is important to include all personal and medical history in your intake as the more information I have about your body the better I am able to help you in treatment. 


Kindly arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment and wait in the waiting room. We do not have secretarial staffing so please wait for your practitioner to call you into the treatment room.  


Please leave your outdoor shoes at the front so that water and salt are not tracked throughout the clinic.

What to Wear

Wear clothing you are comfortable moving in that can stretch as treatment involves movement of all joints and through different ranges of motion. Please no jeans or skirts. There is a washroom across the hall you may use to change before treatment if needed.

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